How many stacks, tricks, how-to’s, libraries, commands, concepts, paradgims, …​ do you use in a year? How many do you remeber at the end of the same period? How many times you would like to reuse it but do not remember it exactly?

And so I have begun this blog. A way to save and find any information worthy enough to be reused.

My requirments are:

  1. A place to save any learning I do.

  2. Easy accesible from everywehre.

  3. So fast as it can be.

  4. Easy to find my information.

  5. Easy to edit.

  6. Well looking.

An so I have created an (almost) full static blog, that natively uses AsciiDoctor with Solr as a Full-Text engine.

The server is a simple nginx runing on top of my own openshift set-up (just for fun :))

If you are more interesed about to know who I am: Who I am?